Monday, October 5, 2009

There Can Only Be One... In October

Quick MLB 2009 Playoff Hits:

My first round predictions:

Yankees have too much fire power in the offense and CC looked dominant in the second half. We know about this postseason struggles, but they won't matter against a run-down Twins squad. Yankees in 3.

The Red Sox own the Angels in October. There's a lot to be said about the revamped Angels offense (going for power and speed), but the postseason's all about pitching and defense, which the Red Sox have far too much of. Red Sox in 4.

The Dodgers finished the regular season with the most wins in the National League and lead their division since April 14th, but were sweating well into the final weekend. Now they face the task of the best pitching and hitting tandem in the National League (Carpenter, Wainwright and Pujols, Holliday, respectively), without a top of the rotation starter and without their slugger slugging. Things aren't looking good for Joe Torre against his successor in the STL. Cardinals in 4.

The reigning World Champions versus the hottest team in baseball since ... well, the Rockies in 2007. I've heard way too much speculation about this series being beyond similiar to their series in 2007. I don't buy it. Sure, the Rockies are hot as hell, but this Phillies squad is deeper offensively (Raul Ibanez hits 5th or 6th for the love of God) and pitching-wise. The Rockies do not hit left-handed pitching well at all (.253 as a team for the season), which doesn't bode well against Hamels and Lee. Sure, the Phillies bullpen is a joke, but I don't expect games in this series to be close enough for that to matter. Phillies in 4.
LCS and WS predictions to come...
SN out.

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